• Find inspiration from BAROQCO

  • The World of BAROQCO

  • Experience limitless luxury with BAROQCO jewelry

Step into a fascinating world where the timeless beauty of tradition meets
modernity, where craftsmanship is celebrated at both brands. This special event is
all about celebrating the artistry and skill of both brands involved.

Imagine an experience that goes beyond the usual – a showcase that reveals the
flawless combination of Asian heritage and the pinnacle of modern luxury. Every
detail is carefully crafted, showcasing the dedication and creativity that define these
brands. It's a unique atmosphere where the richness of the past and the chic trends
of today come together in a remarkable display of grace and innovation.

This event will showcase the perfect blend of Asian heritage and contemporary luxury.

RSVP BEFORE JANUARY 19th 2024 at info@feraggio.com

DRESS CODE: Cocktail/Classic Elegance

Free parking in front of the entrance

The models for this event will be in collaboration with '12 Months of Beauty