While browsing our website for the perfect comfy heel, you may have noticed that we now also show our heels in video. We are so excited about this feature, which we were able to add thanks to our friends at BRAM Image Productions. Now you can really get the full picture and view our heels from every angle.

During the process of creating our product video’s we learned a lot about the benefits of incorporating moving images within ones marketing and product view:

Benefits of incorporating moving image

Moving images covers everything from GIF’s to video and has increased in popularity among designers and marketers over the past couple of years, but what benefits do they really have over traditional stationary graphics and images?

At FERAGGIO, we found out that it makes a huge difference, and it is definitely worth the investment.

Bram productions

Catch your consumer’s eye & increase engagement

Are you tired of spending valuable time creating well-thought-out graphics, only to be disappointed by their lack of engagement? GIF’s and short videos are a great way to catch someone’s attention, especially in their social media newsfeed. Many social media platforms allow autoplay, meaning you don’t even need to rely on the viewer to press play (which obviously can cause problems when trying to track views, but that’s for another time). These bitesize animations create interest and distract from the stationary surroundings, with many viewers watching on loop when they find the content particularly eye-catching.

GIF’s and short animations are a great way to make your infographic interactive and help you to make boring content more exciting.

 Bram productions

Make deeper connections with your brand

Animations and other forms of moving images allow you to incorporate your branding without necessarily being ‘too obvious’. For example: having your logo fade in and out as part of the moving image. Animations and videos also give you the opportunity to show, and present your product much more in detail.

Bram productions

It looks professional

Obviously, this is dependant on the finished product, but adding movement to your imagery speaks wonders and distinguishes your brand from competitors. Despite its increase in popularity, one of the fantastic things about animation and moving images is that not everyone can create it – meaning your business looks instantly more professional.

We thought it would be best to leave it to experts with product views. Which is how we found BRAM Image Productions who created the 3D videos and extremely high-quality product images for us.

We do not have shares in this BRAM Image Productions (we wish), but we do highly recommend them. Give them a call; you will be surprised at the affordable pricing. 

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