Waking up early in the morning, putting on clothes that go perfectly with the new high heels you just bought, and having an exciting adrenaline rush before letting the world see your gorgeous outfit... If you miss that feeling, you are not alone.


When we first heard of the pandemic and needed to stay at home for a while, it sounded like a vacation. For a while, you wouldn’t have to take a long commute to work or deal with hair and makeup in the morning, but instead relaxingly work from your couch. What was a dream at first soon turned into a nightmare. Now, all we are craving is some human interaction, an excuse to get ready and, dare I say it, wearing uncomfortable clothes.  

Even the biggest fans of high heels have turned their backs on them during this pandemic and embraced sneakers instead. I mean, who can blame them? It has been challenging to find the motivation to do anything, let alone put on heels when the only place you go to is the supermarket. However, now that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s time to pick up our love for high heels where we left off and show the world how fabulous we look with them! If it’s been a long time since you’ve worn heels, it’s totally normal to struggle at first. Luckily, we are here to give you some tips on how to walk in them!  

Re-training your ankles for heels

The first step is getting used to being on your toes. You can start by practicing it during your daily activities. For example, when you are brushing your teeth, stand firm on the ball of your foot and toes, this way, you train your calves back into the shape to wear heels again. At first, do it while wearing sneakers. Step by step, you can switch to anti-slip socks and then finally barefoot. (Note: Be careful not to slip!) 

After a few weeks, your calves and upper legs will be heel-ready. An excellent advantage: it will tone your calves and upper legs.

We strongly recommend that you make ‘standing on your toes while brushing your teeth’ a daily habit if you are serious about wearing heels.

At the same time, start wearing heels at home. It is good to practice, so immediately go with the highest heels you have and preferably a stiletto heel! Practice makes perfect, so wear them while vacuuming, cooking, or just simply walking around the house. 

If you have stairs; Also practice walking up and down frequently and remember to place your feet at an angle or slightly diagonally on the steps.

When you are ready to go out in public, there is still one more step to complete first.

Put on high-heeled boots to walk the dog or go grocery shopping.

If you don’t have a pair now, you can easily order cheap leather ankle boots online.

The best would be a stiletto heel boot with a significant pointed toe. It’s crucial that these boots do not reach up to your calves, so they will not block training your balance and ankles.

Begin with wearing them with socks, so they feel very tight (especially around your ankles) so the tightness will help you keep your stability.

After a few ‘practice’ walks and runs, wear them with just a sneaker sock that doesn’t cover your ankles to train your ankles in balancing. You will notice how that will decrease the stability a little, but it’s nothing you can’t manage. Once you perfect this step as well you should feel confident wearing heels!

Note: Always walk like you are on a mission. The proper way is to put your heels first and slowly roll your feet until your toes touch the ground. Try taking big steps.

Once you get confident, you can get crazy and walk briskly, or even run in them!

Now you are ready to stand and walk in high heels (again). We’re sure you’ll look fabulous! And just in case, here are some extra tips for when you have your feet in the heels:

Again, always make sure to walk like you are on a mission. This will make you feel and look like the confident queen that you are!

Don’t forget to top off the walk with some confidence and a big smile.

First, explore asphalt, and then you are ready for pavement surfaces.

Please stay away from cobblestones; they will be your worst enemy! It is worth paying for valet parking or taking an Uber to drop you in front of the door if you can’t avoid them.

A little note: always be prepared for any situation! If you are invited to a summer wedding, and you are excited to show off your new high heels, still make sure to bring a pair of wedges in case you need to stand and walk on grass all day. Stilettos may look fabulous, but nobody likes sinking into the grass with their heels.

Just like any other skill, walking in high heels also requires practice. The best part is that you will notice how much easier it gets each time! If you wish, you can always start with lower heels (7.5 cm) and gradually switch to higher heels (10 cm).

One last tip before finishing up: quality is the most crucial part of purchasing high heels. You might think buying cheap pairs is a good idea, but painful days, bleeding feet, and easily breakable heels are only a few of the many things that will make you regret that decision. Instead, invest in a few good quality essential heels that will look so much more elegant and last for longer. Luckily, you are at the right place! Once you try out FERAGGIO heels, you will feel and understand what we are talking about.

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