If you want to invest in quality heels, it better be FERAGGIO. We offer a unique combination of elegance, style, and comfort. Handmade craftsmanship, supreme high-quality in materials, and cushioned comfortable footbeds are part of our promise.


The world is already full of beautiful shoes. We would have therefore not added FERAGGIO to the mix if it would have been “just another pair of heels”; great to admire… but not so great to wear.

We wanted FERAGGIO to be the game-changer: finally, a pair of heels that are not only sexy and fabulous but most of all, comfortable to wear. It took us nearly two years to develop, structure, and design the perfect medical memory foam footbed that could finally free women from the pain of standing and walking on heels. With every step you take, the memory foam makes sure that the blood under your feet keeps circulating, preventing your feet from hurting after a while.

On top of that, we added some additional special features for both comfort and the design of the heel:

  • sandwiched sole, for more support and strength
  • reinforced heel, edgier and slightly bending inward, for more stability and indestructibility.
  • shoe shape designed to give you an elegant and fabulous posture while staying comfortable.
  • An under sole made of leather, for more comfort and flexibility.
  • Jourdan’ sole which slightly bends on both sides, allows your foot to move better when you walk.
  • An iron toe tip that reinforces the toe of the shoe
  • noiseless heel tip protects the heel and guarantees no noise while walking.
  • no-slip suede finish that keeps your feet from slipping out of the heels.
  • No visible seam, for a more refined aesthetic

At FERAGGIO we have the perfect word that embodies all the things that our brand stands for “Heelability” which is “the power to stand tall, walk longer, and be fabulous.”  

This is what makes Feraggio incomparable to any other elegant heel in the luxury market, so much so that FERAGGIO is considered ‘the iPhone of heels’.

Dictionary definition for ‘heelability’: “the power to stand tall, walk longer, and be fabulous”


They say all great ideas are born out of frustration, which is exactly what made me to create FERAGGIO. It all started out with an endless search for a pair of heels that were simultaneously timeless, stunning, and comfortable. I grew tired of never having the right pair of heels for any occasion, never being able to re-order my favorite shoe, never having the option of different heel heights, and never finding the same shoe in multiple colors. It seemed that none of the existing shoe brands offered what I was looking for; and so this was the moment to set things straight in the shoe industry. It was time for a new strong brand, created by women for women; a brand that strives for timeless design, quality, and slow fashion. A brand that believes that no woman should be in pain when wearing heels. So I heard myself say: "If it is not here yet, I will make them myself". And the rest is history.

Sidenote: Juliette de Vries is a Dutch Entrepreneur who successfully sold her previous company, Promotion Partners, at the end of 2012. At the young age of 18, she started Promotion Partners, a marketing/ promotion agency. Over the next 40 years, it evolved into the most succesful organisation in the Netherlands and symbolized “top quality and service” in the hospitality and promotion business.


Juliette sat down with a great number of well-known shoe experts who specialized in heels and shoe comfort. and after two years of research, they managed to create a unique shoe concept:

  • Timeless designs
  • Never out of style
  • Perfect for every occasion
  • Available in 10 cm (4 inch) & 7.5 cm (3 inch)
  • Sizes and half sizes for the perfect fit, ranging from size 35 to 44.5
  • Footbed laced with medical memory foam for extreme comfort

FERAGGIO was born, the perfect heel that doesn’t compromise on style or comfort. FERAGGIO makes women walk taller, stand longer and be fabulous.

"Feraggios Fairy Godmother"

Juliette: "Having been an entrepreneur all my life, I promised myself in 2015, to not, again, start another company". “Well that did not work out well, as you may notice” she now states. After more than two years of research, the classic FERAGGIO pump was born. And although she fanatically swore that there would
never make anything else then the one iconic style: The classic FERAGGIO heel, she now says ‘never say never’ more then once a week.

Soon after that one iconic pump, came the traditional slingback, a heeled sandal, and the ankle boot. As founder and "Feraggios Fairy Godmother", Juliette takes care of purchasing, collab-meetings, sourcing new materials, and press communication. 


FERAGGIO is a Dutch company founded and based in The Netherlands. You might have noticed that the name does not sound very Dutch: it is indeed an Italian word. Inspired by the birthplace of La Dolce Vita. The country where we source most of our materials and components so we knew that our brand name had to be derived from Italian.              All our heels are made of premium materials and entirely handcrafted in Europe. Most of our materials actually come from Italy, such as the precious Tuscan suedes. We also made the sustainable choice to minimize our CO2 footprint as much as possible by producing solely in Europe. Furthermore, our European craftsmen are incredibly talented and can manipulate our materials in ways that minimize fabric waste as much as possible.

Within an industry that fuels the fast cycle of consumption and disposal, we at FERAGGIO believe in ‘slow fashion'. We are confident that our conscious choice to offer heels of durable quality,timeless design, and trend-free aesthetic will allow you to wear your FERAGGIOs for many seasons. With FERAGGIO, you can invest in a high-quality product that matches every outfit and will not go out of style.